Different household consuming behaviors between China and US

Most of people know other country from movie, Internet and newspapers. In China, we always buy fresh food. There are a lots of small food markets in China, even spread over every community.


(Yangshuo Cooking School A Culinary Delight in China, Author debndave, February 1, 2012 From http://theplanetd.com/yangshuo-cooking-school-a-culinary-delight-in-china/)

Chinese people like purchasing fresh food, such as living chickens and fish. For instance, we always went to a food market and chose a living chicken, which we thought is most active one, and ask the vendor to kill it. It sounds a little brutal. But in Chinese gourmet history, we focus more on the fresh of a meal. So when Wal-Mart entered into China, they faced a big challenge from domestic Chinese food market. In supplying fresh food business, Wal-Mart has little competitiveness compare to local food market. We can walk to a local food market, which is always near our communities, to buy fresh food even 30 minutes before lunch. But we should drive a long time to get a Wal-Mart market to buy un-fresh meat.

In US, most of consumers buy meat for one-week consuming. They froze the most fresh meat and care less about the fresh of it. I’m also curious how does US people’s eating habits from?


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