iPhone 5s and “Tuhao gold” color

In China, there is a famous buzz-word” Tuhao Gold” that was fashionable on the network. “Tuhao Gold” is the new name of iPhone 5s gold color that was nominated by Chinese customers.

Seperated this new word, “Tuhao” means people who suddenly got a lot of money and have no taste of comsuming. “Tuhao behavior” specially appears in China.

Back in the 30 years ago in China. Chinese people started a Chinese economic reform. Chinese government opened the opportunities of doing business in China and introduced lots of Foreign Capital. Facing such big market, foreign companies realized this was the biggest opportunity for them to enlarge their company in this present century. So a massive influx of foreign capital entered onto Chinese market. Then parts of Chinese suddenly became rich and started to buy luxury stuffs. The biggest characteristic of these people was wearing gold necklaces.

Why people belittled the gold color and purchased gold iPhone 5s at same time? I think it is because of class identity. Although “Tuhao” has bad taste in fashion, this group is a kind of symbols of rich people. That’s why new iPhone 5s gold is selling great in China.



(Taking from http://tech.xinmin.cn/2013/09/24/22028221.html)


5 thoughts on “iPhone 5s and “Tuhao gold” color

  1. Zhu Meng
    I can not agree with this more. For the gold iPhone 5S, it sold out quickly when it was launched, and people prefer to pay times of its original price. iPhone 5S gold is not the only product in China attracts thousands of people to pay lots of money. Such as Benz, BMW in the car industry, and Chanel, Gucci in the fashion industry. The luxury products grows to be more popular and these companies make a killing in Chinese market.

  2. There is no denying that the gold version of IPhone 5S is the most “in” stuff in current Chinese consmers. Though lots of comments coming out from public press or profesional electronic products products, saying that the gold version actually is not high fashion and will have a negative influence on Apple’s position in China, but, people just are confessed with the gold version. I saw some one I know tweeted that in order to let the other knows she is using 5S instead of 5, she especially orderd the gold version although she had to wait for another one month. I really don’t know how to comment on her mind and behavior. Is the function of show off is more important than the other functions in China? —-Qi, Qin

    • I just read some articles about Chinese luxury purchasing tendency. In my opinion, with the development of Chinese economy, Chinese people will become more confidence about their taste and become less show off in luxury purchasing.

  3. I will definitely not buy golden iPhone 5s given the circumstance that gold is not my favorite. Golden iPhone 5s really nailed Chinese market. The price has risen to about 5800 yuan in China. There is no difference among different colors. However, people will pursue what they regard as precious.

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