ZARA in China

Zara entered China near 2005. The first retail store was opened in Shanghai China. Then a new era of fashion came to China. The design from Zara effluents lots of young people and brings a Fashion trend.

When I was an undergraduate students, the most favorite brand of clothes thing is Zara. Every Friday, my friends and I will go to commercial district to celebrate coming two-day weekend. We did some shopping, enjoyed restaurants and have sweet chat with each other. We will spend a whole afternoon in Zara, because there are hundreds designs and relax fitting room environment.

Why young people especially aged between 17-25 love Zara so much in China? In my opinion, the first reason is the latest design. Zara have over 400 designers. They are active in every fashion shows. What is the new season color, what is the next season fashion trend. Zara’s designers will not lose every fashion trend signal. Zara has unimaginative design update velocity and manufacture speed. Secondly, Zara has thousands design, which is triple or hundreds times design compare to other brand. You could always find one design you like in Zara. Finally, the decoration of Zara’s retail store is really cool. It was decorated based in dark and soft color. The dark color will make you more comfortable when you shop here.

Zara’s business model is really an successful case! We love Zara not only because of its low price but its luxury design!


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