Topic1 Online store and Offline Store

When I was in China, I seldom did on line shopping. The biggest reason is most online stores lack of standardization. There are not too much online stores in China, especially famous brands. However, the situation is different in US. For instance, I always bought skin care products in physical stores. Because products like Lancôme and Estee Lauder didn’t provide online shopping function. I should to buy such products offline.  But in US market, almost every brand has their online store.

My favorite store, which could shop online and offline, is Neiman Marcus. The reason why I like shopping in Neiman Marcus is that I could buy every thing that suit for my taste in this store. The store collected together all the products that I need use in my daily life. I concern more about products quality not quantity. Commonly, I would rather like buy one product that contain high value than buy some products that each one contain little value. Neiman Marcus sells luxury stuffs. Also it sells high quality apparel, accessories, jewelry, beauty and home products. The most important is Neiman Marcus also provides all different brands for my need. It provides thousands choices.

I especially like its online store. Unlike some common online shop store such as Guess, Neiman Marcus provides different brands of products and pictures to help customers make decision. As a consumer, When I need to try a product such as clothing and shoe I will go to physical store to buy. However, when I just buy a skin care product that I usually use I will buy it online. In conclusion, I will go to physical store only if I need to try some products. Neiman Marcus sometimes will provide some special discount online, which is not exist in physical store. At this time, I will definitely choose online store to purchase products.

When I was shopping online, I would perform more sanely to make a purchasing decision. Because most of time I could not make sure the function and material of a product. For instance, if I’m surfing the Internet and attracted by a beautiful dress. I looked the picture that a model dressed. I would consider the material of the dress and suitability of the dress. I still concerned about the size, because some of clothing were larger or smaller than a casual clothing. Finally, I didn’t purchase this one and save money. But when I tried the clothing in physical store, maybe I will be attracted by the clothing and tried. In different result, I would by it. So the biggest different of online shopping and offline shopping is that you could not try it. This various would change your decision.


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3 thoughts on “Topic1 Online store and Offline Store

  1. Hi Kathy,

    In Kosovo it’s pretty much the same – online shopping is virtually nonexistent for several reasons. A few of these reasons are the fact that a limited amount of the population have Visa/Mastercards and alternative payment systems like PayPal are not even offered. Furthermore, most people are wary of the dangers of online shopping and credit card theft. Some companies have been worked around this by delivering the product at the customer’s home and getting paid in cash on the spot.

    A quick question about your purchasing behavior – have you significantly increased the amount of money you spend on shopping ever since you’ve been able to shop online in the US? Did you spend less when you were shopping only in “offline” stores?

    • I will spend more if I shopped online!! Because all the stuff that I bought was received much later than the day I did purchase. I have no ideal how many stuffs I bought. If I shopped offline, I payed the money and got the stuff recently. Then I picked all the stuff on my hand, I could feel heavy, if I bought too much. Although how much I like some products, I could still have basic consciousness that I pay too much. But online shopping have no such touch experience than offline shopping.

  2. I didn’t like shopping online in China, ether, because it was too messy to finish paying process. While, in US, we just need to fill in credit card number and code. It is much easier.
    I think shopping online can save money and time, however, when I purchase something wrong or not suitable, it made me crazy. For example, I purchased a backpack for my nephew as gift, however, when I received the package, I found the size was too small. Then I checked its return policy, found I need to pay the shipping fee and bought insurance or something. It was really mess me up.

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