Topic 2 The future of consumer behavior

In the future, marketers will connect with consumers not just through email, cellphone or other general communication skills. They will connect with consumers through any channel. Marketers could contact consumers through any electronics, which could connect to Internet. For instance, in the future refrigerators in kitchen could connect to Internet.  Consumers could reflect using experience and feedback just using refrigerator itself. There will be a bigger screen in refrigerator in the future, size like mini pad. It will be more convenience for consumers and marketers contact each other.

About the contact ways and shopping methods, I believe marketing in future will keep lots of same methods. Consumers are willing to shop in physical store like currently. Their basic consuming behavior will not change in the future. There is impossible consumers will buy everything online. For instance, if they want to buy a dress, they should go to retail store to try. Even online store will provide more authentic review and model same as your size, consumers still can’t trust.

Also, the basic connecting ways that marketers contact consumers will not change in the future. Marketers will still use Internet to contact consumers. It is undeniable that fact to face communication through marketers and consumers will not disappear. Consumers need face-to-face communication in some particular situations.

With the development of technology, our consuming behavior and communication method will improve. Marketers will collect more data of an individual consumer. Marketers could collect data through every electronic that connect to Internet and make a thorough analysis of consumers’ shopping habit, needs and wants. Based on more detail segmentation analysis, they will design personality products. For instance, in the future oven in you kitchen will connect to Internet. So your oven could collect you using habit and your using model. So the company who product your oven could update you oven function based on your using habit or they could design your personal oven.

Also, Delivery Company will operate more humanization. They could make a special delivery plan based on habits of individual consumer. Also, consumer could manage their shipping date and receive date.

I believe our shopping experience will better within the development of marketers connecting ways and technology.


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