iPhone 5s and “Tuhao gold” color

In China, there is a famous buzz-word” Tuhao Gold” that was fashionable on the network. “Tuhao Gold” is the new name of iPhone 5s gold color that was nominated by Chinese customers.

Seperated this new word, “Tuhao” means people who suddenly got a lot of money and have no taste of comsuming. “Tuhao behavior” specially appears in China.

Back in the 30 years ago in China. Chinese people started a Chinese economic reform. Chinese government opened the opportunities of doing business in China and introduced lots of Foreign Capital. Facing such big market, foreign companies realized this was the biggest opportunity for them to enlarge their company in this present century. So a massive influx of foreign capital entered onto Chinese market. Then parts of Chinese suddenly became rich and started to buy luxury stuffs. The biggest characteristic of these people was wearing gold necklaces.

Why people belittled the gold color and purchased gold iPhone 5s at same time? I think it is because of class identity. Although “Tuhao” has bad taste in fashion, this group is a kind of symbols of rich people. That’s why new iPhone 5s gold is selling great in China.



(Taking from http://tech.xinmin.cn/2013/09/24/22028221.html)


Different household consuming behaviors between China and US

Most of people know other country from movie, Internet and newspapers. In China, we always buy fresh food. There are a lots of small food markets in China, even spread over every community.


(Yangshuo Cooking School A Culinary Delight in China, Author debndave, February 1, 2012 From http://theplanetd.com/yangshuo-cooking-school-a-culinary-delight-in-china/)

Chinese people like purchasing fresh food, such as living chickens and fish. For instance, we always went to a food market and chose a living chicken, which we thought is most active one, and ask the vendor to kill it. It sounds a little brutal. But in Chinese gourmet history, we focus more on the fresh of a meal. So when Wal-Mart entered into China, they faced a big challenge from domestic Chinese food market. In supplying fresh food business, Wal-Mart has little competitiveness compare to local food market. We can walk to a local food market, which is always near our communities, to buy fresh food even 30 minutes before lunch. But we should drive a long time to get a Wal-Mart market to buy un-fresh meat.

In US, most of consumers buy meat for one-week consuming. They froze the most fresh meat and care less about the fresh of it. I’m also curious how does US people’s eating habits from?

Global brands and their chinese names

With the development of globalization, Chinese consumers have more consciousness of purchasing high quality, high level branding ideal, more special products. They have a huge power consuming ability especially in luxury products. China is a country that has 1.3-billon population. Such big purchasing power attracted lots of companies entered Chinese market.

Unlike people from English speaking country, Chinese people have their own language, tradition and history background. Most of Chinese consumer can’t understand the meaning of an English name. For instance, when I was16 years old, my English teach gave us a homework that was named an English name for ourselves. I had on ideal how to choose an English name and I couldn’t understand what was the meaning of the English name. My Chinese name means sun out of mainland and also pronunciation like flying bird with freedom spirit. Also, name of a brand could reflect its enterprise culture and brand story.

So if you want to promote your products, which from foreign country, in China, you should give your brand a Chinese name first. A excellent name is Lancôme’s Chinese name- 兰蔻. Which means girls in the bloom of youth. I like Lancôme’s products, because when I use Lancôme’s serum, I felt youth and like in age 17. Be honest, I don’t think Lancôme’s serum has magic function like fitting my face or make me look younger. That is the magic of brand name.



( Taking from http://www.cnadtop.com/brand/superBrands/2010/12/2/20c0b0d6-9b27-41be-8010-6f5f590d4c79.htm)

Luxury is different between US and China

When I was in China as a undergraduate student maybe two years ago, I felt Coach was really a luxury brand same as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. But when I went to the United States and first shopped in Outlets, I lost.

In China, most of products of Coach Priced between ¥4,000-¥7,000. But in US Outlets, a Coach handbag just $200. In other side, focused on the salary level of two countries. An ordinary Chinese white color employee got ¥6000 every month, same as an ordinary US white color employee got ($6000). So a handbag priced in $100 dollar in US is not a luxury products. But in China, it is a real luxury product.

I think price is really an important element to define a product’s value….coach1coach2

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